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How it Works

Step 1

Pick an action

from the menu of Do Actions above. There's a wide range, something for everyone, and each has more info and advice behind it. NB. some actions aren't included on all campaigns.

On yer bike
On yer bike

Pedal your way around

Step 2

Select the campaign

you want to support - i.e. your school's or year group's page. Do this by clicking the 'find them first' link on the pledge form. Or just hit 'Pledge' and it'll go towards our central Do Nation community page.

Step 3

Keep at it

for two months, with the help of regular (but not overly frequent) tips and reminders. Two months - it's not too long to be intimidating, but should be long enough to crack new habits.

As a new cyclist, you’re now healthier and happier - are you more adventurous too? Find new bike routes on CycleGuides to continue your journey.

I LOVE cycling to work - it's a great way to save time, build exercise into my every day life, and save money too! I now cycle in EVERY day, not just 3x per week which was what I pledged.

Step 4

Report back

to let us know how you got on, and if you plan to continue. This only becomes possible once the two months is up. And - harsh as it may seem - if you don't report back, we assume you failed.